Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Le Garcon Sans Savoir Vivre II

            Oh, Mother of Irony. I get out of the house to take my mind off every failed attempt at making  a meaningful connection - every almost, near miss, could-have-been, and never-to-be, and here run smack dab in to a prime example? The most recent one at that?  One for whom there may remain some infinitesimal remnant of the delusion of affection? Ye gahdda be kiddin' me. Universe, you're a punk. This warrants the overused word irony doesn't it? I say it does.

          Nevertheless I am collected, cool as a cucumber salad, operating on Nonchalant Autopilot my demeanor betraying none of my inner turbulence. I smooth my silk blouse down with a steady hand and run my slender fingers through my hair to give it that volumized sort of come hither side-part, you know? I extend my neck to its full length and raise myself to my full height and am pleased that I wore the three inch heels as to tower over him at 5'9''. I approach his table.  

        He is smiling stupidly up at me from where he stupidly sits, visibly embarrassed, knocking his stupid knees together and fidgeting with his stupid hair falling into his stupid adorable face. 

          (Bleccch, S.P. really, yucch.) 'Well at least he looks dumber than I do' I think to myself. That will cease to be true in a moment. I clear my throat  demurely to dislodge it of my stomach which seems to have telescoped upwards and into my neck...the neck he once bruised with his mouth.

         "Heyyy," I venture, voice well-modulated, even, melodic. Three ys. Hey-y-y. I extend the last sound long enough as to convey that this is a pleasant surprise, as opposed to what it really is - an ordeal. Not too long as to sound affected, not too short as to sound curt. I am warm but not gooey, friendly but not gratuitous, a light zephyr, not a brisk breeze. (People say I over think things, what do you think?) I am impressed by my composure, my thespian abilities, and make a mental note to pursue a career in acting. Maybe win an Oscar. Or at least a FAMAS for some compelling performance.

        "How are you?" is the next line in my script.

He stops knocking his knees together long enough to mumble something unintelligible in reply, and I wonder for the millionth time how I was ever so attracted to someone of such limited verbal ability.

          In retrospect, this is probably the point at which I should have just ceased with any further perfunctory pleasantries and walked on. A.D. is standing some yards ahead, waiting. It would have saved me some embarrassment. Hindsight is always 20/20. I suppose I thought he would eventually find his misplaced manners and stand-up or introduce me to his company whose faces are a blur. I look at him for nanoseconds that seem like whole minutes, he stares idiotically back up at me. Any millisecond now I expect a dazzling display of good manners, excellent etiquette - of savoir vivre. Any millisecond now...any milli...nothing. None came. And then - horror. Like a woman possessed the most improbable string of words float out of my mouth.

         "What, aren't you going to give me a hug?" 

               Geezus H. I say it with enough levity that it sounds like I'm not altogether serious, but still! And even as the words escape my lips, like so many traitorous flying dwarves,  to titter about in the air between us, I know he isn't going to stand up. I am not a friend. I am just 'some girl.' I am incredulous. I briefly consider saying,

       "So what did you end up doing last week when you totally booty called me at 2a.m.?" 

        But being possessed of savoir vivre, I refrain from trying to embarrass him. I smile  to convey affectionate exasperation and smooth over my gaffe, my faux pas, my vomi mot, and wrap things up with final pleasantries, still unruffled, but inwardly incensed. So this is how it's going to be hmm? We're close enough for you to proposition me but I don't warrant common courtesy? I walk away, and just before I disappear from sight, he calls after me

          "Are you on a date?"

          I smile. The question is absurd. As absurd as my running into him. As absurd as my affection for him. A.D. is obviously too impeccably dressed and too darn cute to be straight. And how smart is it to ask a girl who might be on a date, 'Are you on a date?' in front of her date? This kid has always been ridiculous and I consider the possibility he might be having a brain fart of his own (and maybe needs to reposition his gaydar satellite). Nevertheless, I dignify the question with an answer.

              "No, just hanging out with friends. See you later." Closed-mouth smile. Fluttering finger wave. Exhale of relief. Exit stage left.


*Oh, don't think this dissertation-length diatribe is over. There's a part III.


  1. Yes, you are over-analyzing things.

    "What, aren't you going to give me a hug?" -- Jesus, you darling pretty thing, you're telling me that these words, this message, issued from the same wonderful thinking that wrote this endearing little episode? Hah! The art couldn't be any more appropriate, though, chops to that. I suppose this paragraph could use a compliment, so there.

    We're close enough for you to proposition me but I don't warrant common courtesy? -- I love this line. And on close inspection, yeah, I love it with a passion. It sounds so you, not that I know you personally, not that I know you at all, but something tells me you could do something with that line and wear it like a badge.

    This was borderline wordy, but aside from that, this was altogether an effective narration. It could use a dash of expletives, though, a little f word here and there to highlight the obvious mood, but I suppose you're far too refined for that. Bravo! Meanwhile, you can't make this shit up, there's no way this is fiction, and thank you for sharing!

    Cheers Sitting Pretty! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  2. Hi Momel! I've missed you!!! (That's with 3 exclamation points.)

    Thanks for dropping by! So I do over analyze things? Oh, well. I suppose it's the only way I can deal with the world or make sense of it - is to taxonomize, categorize.. Hehe.

    Yeah, you don't need to know me in real life to be able to infer things about me, especially since how a person writes or talks tells so much about their personality. =) You're right, the line is totally me.

    Check. Kinda wordy. Hehe But I think I intentionally use verbosity to distract from the core thought? The truth is it's difficult for me to be so open about the way I feel, and I think I write in a Latinate tone to distance myself from the emotion. And also as to hide behind it, because I feel it would be too stark and vulnerable to say "Someone I still had feelings for" as opposed to "One for whom there may remain some infinitesimal remnant of the delusion of affection...blah blah."

    I think if life ever called upon me to say the words "I love you." I would actually say something like " I experience the deepest immeasurable affection for you." Haha. Good luck to that guy.