Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Of Childhood Dreams

Painting by Gerard Boersma

                                          Momel, the blogger I have christened The Bovine Scatologist, over at The Blahg of Bullshit suggested that I visit his Mistress of the Universe's blog if I wanted to learn how to write creatively. When I was a little girl I thought I wanted to be a writer - a novelist, among a long list of other things (veterinarian, interior decorator, fashion designer, teacher, I think firefighter was in there, too, at one point) and went so far as to plant a stack of paper next to our rickety old typewriter and sit myself down in front of it to write a book. Clickety-clickety-clackety...ding! Aw crap, where's the correction fluid? This was short-lived to say the least. 

             I was reminded of this ephemeral childhood fantasy when Momel made this suggestion, so I popped on over there to see what was up. Jessica Zafra's Lit Wit Challenge 4.3 theme is MetamorphosisIn 1,000 words write a story in which the protagonist wakes up and finds herself/himself transformed into an animal, plant, or object. 

                       I am currently tossing around the idea of a congenitally (and severely) disfigured child who may also be dying from some unrelated disease (must be some really bad fuku) who wakes up in her hospital room to discover she has morphed into a fly. As a literal fly on the wall, she is able to hear what her parents and other people say about her and her condition. I don't know. That's all I've thought up so far. Creative suggestions from you, dear reader, are welcome! =) Help a sister out. 

*My use of the word fuku is an allusion to the book The Brief Wondrous Life  of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, which I have recently finished reading, and which I loved.  Read it if you haven't yet!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments on my blog :) Nag reply diay ko :) Check it out unya :) Wala ko'y sure but I think open sila from Mondays to Saturdays 9:00-12:00nn and 2:00-5:00pm.

    Your blog is awesome by the way!

  2. hi there,
    If you were a fan of anime, this should have been easy for you... lol

    I watched an old anime before, where a little girl (around 10) wanted so badly to become a popular idol... and suddenly one day she woke up and became a fully grown beautiful lady in her 20's, auditioned for an idol contest and has become popular... I think the title is "full moon wo sagashite" not entirely sure though.

  3. I don't use this, ah, acronym much (personal election, preference, principles, what have you), but OMFG. I knew you were on to Junot Diaz' Oscar Wao with the mention of Fuku. I won me that book in one of J-Zaf's LitWit challenges, and I read the darling thing at a rate of 100 pages a day. It was just intense, a natural page turner; I don't do love stories much, but that nerd Oscar was well sketched that I had to keep at it until he died.

    Oh, Sitting Pretty, please try to participate in Ms J-Zaf's next challenge! Have you read the entries on the prior installation? Have you read her feedback? It is it's own creative currency!

    I will also be submitting something for Metamorphosis. And because you will be, ah, competition, I'd far rather be drowned than give you ideas. Ahaha!

    Cheers Sitting Pretty! Muahness from Pasig Citehhh!


  4. Veroniz, thanks! I'd really like to visit that museum, I like places with history and character. =) Hope you come back to visit soon!

    Hollie, Hi! Thanks for the idea, maybe I'll incorporate that into some other short story. Hehe. Regards to Odie and Baby Enzo! =)

    Momel, yeah! I love Diaz's style, it's fresh. I didn't know you won that one, too! About the story, I don't know... I haven't come up with anything.. I don't think i'm cut out for this. haha.=)

  5. You should try, you darling thing. Her feedback is golden, if anything, and it will be worth the encouragement. I've read your work, Sitting Pretty, and I'm confident in your creative enterprise.

    Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  6. Ahhh I am tempted to join rin kaso natatakot ako, sobrang harsh ng feedback dun hahahaha

  7. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! Yeah, the comments can get a little harsh over there, but i like brutal honesty.

    I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment on your last post. I heard some little fucker reacted to me writing in English? Just in case the little dickwad cared to know, I don't speak Tagalog (I had to stop and translate the word 'kandungan' and a number of other words which I have proudly added to my Tagalog vocabulary).

    I can barely speak Cebuano sometimes as I didn't grow up here. ;-) Oh, well. The ignorant shall exist. Live and let live. Until The Marching Morons becomes a work of nonfiction, after which I shall be compelled to spearhead a mass sterilization project.

    Your blog is hilarious, by the way! I don't care if I need Google Translate to read it.

  8. Hahaha ah that guy who left the comment, I think he's young so he probably doesn't give his words that much thought... He's okay in my book (so far). I saw Momel yesterday and he has nothing but good stuff to say about you. I think you turned him straight.

  9. stumbling upon blogs like yours really makes the hassles of bloghopping worth it.

    one more addition to my blogroll. =D

  10. Nishiboy: Hahaha. You totally just made my day! Hehe, thank you for the (undeserved) compliment. (I think I'm too susceptible to compliments.) Haha. I'll definitely add you to mine, too! i like reading blogs about love (finding it, being tormented by it, being tormented by not finding it) and all that jazz. Hope you visit again soon! Will definitely read through your archives. =)

  11. Ei, thanks! Hehe. I'm such a cheap little compliment whore. =))