Friday, November 26, 2010

Of the Inequity of Inequality of Feeling

Reclining Nude - Edward Hopper 1924-1927
         I woke up this morning and promptly started tearing up. I am missing someone for only the second time in my life and it is causing me to twitch and smart like those poor frogs that we used to torture in Physiology lab. I doubt that he is missing me. Inequality of feeling seems to be a recurring theme in my history. For example - Boy likes girl. Girl thinks boy is hideous. Boy recognizes futility of pursuing and stops liking girl. Girl misses boy, rethinks the word hideous, decides a more accurate description would be... acquired taste. At present it's - Boy liked girl first, (just so we're clear.) Girl initially did not think much of but now really likes boy. Boy would only like to boink girl. And although boy does seem like he'd be a tasty treat, girl does not appreciate being objectified and would like to mean  more to boy. You get the picture. Yes, it is unfair, but few things in life often are. 

       Til next time, Unrequited Lovers! Try to get through the day without sticking a sharp object through your chest. This, too, shall pass. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting here, drumming my fingertips against my keyboard, awaiting the arrival of a reciprocal love - the equality of feeling.



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  2. It's true...May be that is I'm living by the philosophy "Expect the Worse and Never Get Disappointed." Now, that is true...