Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Of the Interpretation of Dreams

          Four-thirty in the morning again and I woke up from the weirdest dream. I was being stalked by some sort of evil sociopath, and after managing to evade him a couple of times he succeeds in kidnapping me and brings me to some sort of lair. He strips me of my clothes, puts me under a cold shower, and leaves me there. While he's away I manage to will myself to blend into the white tiles - not just blend into them but actually melt through them so that my body goes through the tiles and is inside the wall. I am triumphant, if only for a moment. He comes back and from behind the tiles I hear him chuckle derisively at my attempt at magic because as it turns out, like an amateur Harry Potter character disapparating incompletely, I have left my feet sticking out of the wall. He grabs me by them and pulls. And then I wake up. Trés bizarre. 

        Interpretations, anyone? 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year

Morning Sun by Anwen Keeling

My first audio post. Thought I'd try something different. =) (by the way, that's supposed to be *illegal substances.) 

First post 2012 by sittingprettyincebucity