Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I've missed my wittle bloggie blog. Sorry, I haven't had much to write about recently. My banal existence has offered very little that qualifies as fodder for a blog, but when has that stopped anyone from 'writing'? This past weekend I met up with some great people and that was the highlight of my week. We all met up down in the Tampa Bay area to go to the beach and just hang out. If you've been reading my posts regularly and are at all perceptive, you may have noticed that I had become rather lonely and bored in this little hick town. Which is why I'm overjoyed that I've reconnected with some old friends from Cebu. People whom I've hung out with fleetingly in the past, I've gotten to know a little better here and now; and I have to say I like what I see. Being something of a loner, I never used to really care much about friends. That sounds rather harsh, I know; don't get me wrong - there are a handful of people I would risk serious bodily harm for, but in the past I had always felt like people were expendable, like I didn't have  to have them in my life. But these ones I think I'll keep. I hope so, anyway.

Khalil Gibran said  "In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds it's morning and is refreshed."  And I feel quite refreshed.

*On another note, all you emo bloggers (ohh, you know who you are).I know the post about lovers was supposed to be up around Valentine's, but... Tee-hee, I'm so sorree. I've been so terrible. So. There's this silly little story I started when I was still in Cebu, will post soon. Need to finish writing it as the first draft was rather Anais Nin- inspired and I don't know if I'm ready to show that to people. Blah, blah. I PROMISE I'll catch up soon.

**On yet another note, I'm battling a bad case of the hives right now. Seriously - generalized urticaria. I suspect a St. Pete Pale Ale is the culprit. Whatever. Thank goodness for prescription-strength antihistamines.


  1. The challenge! lolz

    Hope you feel better soon. They do amazing things with antihistamines. :)

  2. The challenge! Haha. I will catch up soon. This is exactly how I got through school - procrastinate and skip class through the year and then cram for finals at the end. Goodness. You'd think I'd have changed since then.

    Thanks for the well wishes, the urticaria is gone. But it was terrible for a minute there. If you google hives/urticaria that's EXACTLY what I looked like. All over. Ugh.

    See ya at the round table, Citibuoy! Thanks for stopping by! =))

  3. Hey KC!

    What happened to you? I hope you're okay. I miss your stuff and comments on Facebook. :(

  4. Hi Jewelll! I miss you! Haha. Took a break from Facebook for a while. =) I didn't feel like myself there. I dunno. How are you?! Still spreading sunshine, I see. Hehe. <3

  5. Wa man gyud dirt, Jewely. Hahaha. My life is a tragicomic disaster and not even an entertaining one. =/ Maypa fiction nalang. Coming soon.

    P.S. You're a sweetheart for checking. Heheh.